In Dark Souls series, you are The Chosen Undead, or The Bearer of The Curse, or The Ashen One. You basically are an unnamed one from no where. You get thrown into a strange world that seems cruel and unfair, spawned with hostile monsters and horrible being that will take your life in one hit. "Infinite retries" are both your curse and your blessing. You get your full health back, but your enemies are still there. You shall not pass, unless you defeat them. You will definitely get something from winning monsters and bosses.

While real life is not that bleak, it definitely shares some aspects. If you think of your challenges and your hardship as bosses that block you, it is quite similar. They are there, waiting for you. You have a "real life version" of "infinite retries" with time limits and passed opportunities.

The core idea is the same, however: easy way, or hard way, you must learn to overcome obstacles. You do that by observing "the patterns". Finally, you must attack those obstacles head on. You rarely have the chance to get pass them without a fight and without scratches.


In the games, you follow a vague path, having a vague question of who you are, and where is your source, and what is the destination. You vaguely understand something about "The Flame", and "spark them once again". You fight without a strong sense of understanding.

Again, it sounds a little bit... real-life-ish? Hardly anyone in us, nameless and countless average human beings, has a good sense on what do we are, and what we really want, and what should we accomplish, right?


Once you become an undead, you got revived at the bonfire, unless you became hollow. Being hollow means you lack of free will, you lost all of you purpose.

But the important thing is you will always get revived, no matter how "hard" you died. You only lose when you stop. Life do not get you killed, but surely have setbacks. Bosses, and purposelessness can prevent you, but as long as you keep trying, and keep moving on, you will prevail them in the end.

There is hope in Dark Souls, and hope in life.