I was working at this place. Let us called it A. A was okay, even though I was not happy at some of its aspects. I thought of giving myself other chances and see how it goes. Then I came to the realization that it would be better if I can tell my previous journeys it may very well be the case that I do not pass the first round for my new journeys.

The "first" interviewing journey

For me, it was one of the most embarrassing thing to remember... To string my memories into a comprehensible journey is challenging, but I will try...

At first, my sister "kind of" knew these guys. She told me to came to the place and try. I spoke with the "tech lead" there at a nearby coffee shop. I was having absolutely no idea what would I do and how should I do anything at my job, but I still got myself into an "internship" anyway.

Since this is an "interviewing journey", I would leave it there. There is no moral of the story.

The second interviewing journey

It took me a while to find their place, since I got the right name, but on Google Maps, it did not match well. The workplace was a high floor on a big tower. I had a simple exam, and the interviewee told me that I did it well (9 out of 10). I still remember this question of the exam: given an array, find the maximum difference between two arbitrary elements.

I was asked to use C++, so at first, I use the functions min and max of namespace std, and then give the difference back. The interviewee suggested me to use one loop, and I got it right. If I was to take the interview again, I would argue with him that using min and max would give an easier understanding, however.

The "third" interviewing journey

It was not an interviewing journey honestly. I was learning a "hot and trendy" subject called "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence" at my university. I learned it for free, since the classes here are not that restricted on sitting and leaving. They still have an attendance list however. Do not absent more than 20% of the lessons and you will be fine.

Back to my journey, it was May or something at the end of the subject. Then I asked my lecturer if he could recommend me a place and let me start my internship early. He told me to come to A, and I have worked there since then (nearly a year at the time I was writing this).

The start of the fourth, fifth, and sixth interviewing journey

It was the day before that I prepared a curriculum vitae and send it to these companies:

  • V: they recruited on a "prestigious" university's group (not my university, you guess). There were demand for testers and developers, so I applied for a tester position, since I have always wanted to explore new aspects of software engineering.
  • M: they also recruited on the same group as V. At the page, they said they were looking for web developer, but I hoped that I could talk my way out for a business analyst or tester position. I really liked the auto-reply email that they send people on applying.
  • TS: one of my lecturers worked for this company, and they also were recruiting business analysts on their website, so I took my chance.

I hope that I would be able to update this later...

EDIT: You can find the second part here.