I am letting my playlist running on shuffle mode, and will try to type something noteworthy on the songs.

In Japanese [something] bay laze (?)
Hotto doguru

I can remember clearly a few years before (when I was in 11th or 10th grade; I am in 16th grade now), I was watching this anime called "Sword Art Online" (or some other random anime; at the time, it is like I digged on anything that got classified is ecchi and harem, to have a ), and feel overwhelmingly annoyed at the opening song, so I muted the tab, and turned this song on instead.

I think this song was played when I was trying to climb in League of Legends. I used to be quite good at the game (my highest rank was Diamond 2, but most of the times, I stucked at Diamond 5).

This is one of the first songs in my playlist. It was collected when I was fresh out of high school and was working at my dad's business. I had worked at the place for one year before going to college. I do not like the job, but I have to appreciate the English skills that it gave me.

An other song that was collected when I was working for my dad. I pondered if I should use the word "dad" or "father" and after a few Google searches finally decided on "dad". The man is a fine man. He is smart and hard-working. I may dislike some aspects of him, but I am happy to have him as my dad.