The only heaven I'll be sent to
It's when I'm alone with you

Another song that I played when I was playing League of Legends. It also reminds me of a long story on how I was horribly clueless and "being charmless". The story can be shortened into a sentence: I did not get the clues that this girl liked me. The clues could be listed as:

  • She invited me to hang out with her, despite my nerdy personality and horrible looks.
  • She borrowed my phone and used Facebook on it. At the time, Messenger was not created, so I can see the messages that she sent to her friends and she did not messaging anyone then.
  • The first bullet point happened in a lot of ways, and the trips are not that special, but I do not know why she continued trying.

I really hope that I got the thing wrong, even though it does not matter now.