I considered letting this be a long post with the date, and update it now and then, but it seemed like tagging and then consolidating them into a big page would be a more effective choice.

Things I hope I will do

  • Take people's (and mine) feelings into account before doing something.
  • Be more calm and calculated before doing something: my friend told me that I am cool in mostly everything, except wooing girls, and maybe in buying the gaming gears that he recommended.
  • Say my thanks and appreciations: people who receive them feel happy, so why the hell not?
  • Write regularly: this blog feels "mine" enough to motivate me, I hope.

Things I hope I will not do

  • Hold imaginary conversations in my head: it seemed like a normal thing for people to win an argument in their mind after their talk was done, but it seemed unhealthy for me, so I will try not to dwell in that kind of self-talk.
  • Attack people because of their beliefs, or points of view: I dearly hope so from the experience that I have had with people attacking me.
  • Annoy people when they are concentrating: some people have done that to me, and I have done that, too.
  • Be "kind of charmless": "charming" may or may not transmit the full feeling of "duyên" in Vietnamese, but bear with it. In Vietnamese, I call myself "kém duyên" (having little charming, or kind of charmless), since I feel it is the right for me: a notch above "vô duyên" (being charmless). This "charming" of one comes from their manners, their talks, and their acts. The stories (sadly it is a plural noun) of me having little charming should be told someday, I hope.