The day before, I had something to write about, but I did not take my time writing it down. Time is both wondrous and horrendous of making people forget, so here am I, in the hope of making my mindless gibberings be a little more mindful.

Things I hope I will do

  • (I should had something to say here, but it slipped out of my mind, so...)
  • Balancing between selfishness, and selflessness: arbitrarily, the story comes from my sister.

I was having lunch with my sister, and suddenly, she asked:
"What will be your regrets if you were to die in a short while?"

The question perplexed me. I thought a little bit and answered:
"My regrets would be not experiencing enough."

The answer also perplexed her. "You are... self-caring and it is a good thing. How did you learn that, I wonder..." she said.

When I realized that "self-caring" is a synonym of "being selfish", the question my sister asked became my favorite one to ask people on an interesting conversation.

Things I hope I will not do

  • Relying on my feelings on things that should not be evaluated by feelings: unarbitrarily, the story comes from my mom.

It was not once or twice, or thrice that her caring... annoyed me and my sister. I know she cares, and she loved us, but sometimes her questions on our eating, her bus traveling stories, and grand parent stories, and work place stories showed me how relying too much on feelings can make you stuck, and unable to move on.

Or maybe it was just she got old, and I did not mature enough to accept that?

I really do not hope that was not the case.